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Silicon Valley: The Northeast Is Rising

There’s an up-and-coming kid on the block, with a 300-year history of spawning entrepreneurism. That place is called New York City, where, in the fourth quarter, 51 companies got VC financing.In the fourth quarter of 2010, Silicon

Freedom kinda

I was listening to an interesting conversation about the uprising in Egypt; and two well-known media personalities were commenting about, what impact the protests might have on the United States. They both agreed

The Art of Setting Career Goals in 2020

Goal Setting is one activity that will bog you for life - at least until you are professionally employed. In this post, we will discuss on how to get started with the Art of Setting Career Goals!Setting Career Goals1. Set your Own

Consume Internet Information like a Pro!

Consume information pro: We live in an age of Internet Information overload.  You get News and Information in many forms like News Feeds, Emails, etc.  Have you ever thought about how much of this information you take in every day and what